About Us

Our Story

The Linwood Inn Tap House began in 1971, when the Neshimka family first bought the old Linden Park Hotel building, itself a pillar of the community. Standing since before the formation of Union County in 1862, the Park Hotel held town council meetings and according to records was the original planned location of City Hall.

Once our family took over, the Linwood Inn Tap House began as a working man’s bar with an attached liquor store and a tiny kitchen churning out killer roast beef sandwiches for the hungry GM Plant workers.

John Neshimka – you can call him Josh, or Yosh, or Yash, or just John, started working at the Inn when his parents first bought the place, stocking shelves and slinging drinks as a teenager. Of course it was only a matter of time before he took the reins. In 2000, John closed the attached liquor store and used the space for an expanded kitchen. With it, John began experimenting in his “test kitchen,” producing many new favorites such as the Winger potato chip Nachos, Hotsie Totsie, Drunken Clams, and Bang Bang Shrimp. And we’ve always been proud of serving our famed French Dip, long a staple of frequent diners.

Supporting the Community

We love giving back to our community. Since 1980, we’ve sponsored the Linwood Inn Taphouse men’s over 50 softball league. Stop in on almost any Tuesday or Thursday and you’ll likely find them at the Linwood.

The Linwood has been a community staple in one form or another since the 1800s, and as the growing commuter hub Linden is becoming, we look forward to serving customers new and old for years to come.