Tap House Signature Cocktails

Sir Richard the Ambassador’s Old Fashioned
Muddled fruit, sugar, bitters and
Makers Mark Bourbon
Butter Finger
Butterscotch Schnapps, Vodka, Coffee liqueur & Irish Cream
Tap House Tito’s Martini
Tito’s Vodka, Dry Vermouth served in a Martini up or on the rocks
with an olive
Kim’s Cosmopolitan
Tito’s Vodka with lots of fresh squeezed lime, triple sec, and splash
of cranberry juice served extra cold
Skinny Margarita
Silver tequila, lots of fresh lime juice, splash of orange juice, triple
sec, and a splash of Sour mix
Paul’s TNT Iced Tea
Jack Daniels, Triple Sec, Lemonade, and Sweet Tea
Bobbie’s Blue Kamikaze
Kettle One Vodka, Blue Curacao, and lime juice
Tito’s Twisted Tea
Tito’s vodka, and Twisted Tea

Bottled Beer & Seltzers

Angry Orchard
Bud Light
Casa Azul-spiked Margarita
Spritzer (Strawberry, Peach
Mango, Grapefruit, and Classic
Coors Light
Guinness Zero
Heineken Light Silver
Heineken Zero
Miller Lite
O’ Douls
Sam Adams Cherry Wheat
White Claw (Black cherry)